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Musicians hearing protection and in ear monitors

ASC Pro Series

The PRO range represents the next generation of hearing protection offering a number of features that create a great experience for the wearer allowing you to listen and perform in comfort and with impeccable clarity.

The PRO filters feature a smaller footprint so that any size of ear can use a PRO ear plug comfortably and discreetly whilst its sheathed outer provides splash-proofing allowing them to be used outdoors or when perspiring.

The PRO series also have a vented design that allows sound to escape from the ear canal which reduces the occlusion effect (noise booming in a blocked ear).

Pro 10’s


The PRO-10 offers highly delicate and level attenuation averaging 10dB, giving the most subtle protection in the whole of the PRO range. Ideal for vocal and acoustic performers, the PRO is perfect for environments that are only just edging over safe levels. Offering a natural and transparent sound to the wearer, the PRO-10 allows musicians working with intricate acoustic performances to stay within the safe limits of exposure while keeping completely engaged with the performance filling the gap between no protection and over protection.













Pro 15’s

The PRO-15 by ACS provides more subtle attenuation that’s perfect for use in acoustic or orchestral environments sloping up in the higher frequencies for protection against heavily played wind instruments. The vented design offers reduced occlusion which makes communication and vocal performances sound more natural resulting in a plug that is more transparent to the wearer. The complete plug, custom made in soft silicone offers one of the most comfortable hearing protection solutions for unplugged musicians with the additional benefit of water resistance for increased longevity. The PRO-15 represents the next generation of musicians hearing protection.











Pro 17’s

The PRO-17 is the flattest response filter in the PRO range. Designed specifically for musicians and vocal performers, the PRO-17 gives one of the most accurate responses of any hearing protector with flat 17dB protection across the board. Keeping all frequencies in check relative to one another means you get to hear the music just as it should sound but 17dB quieter with no loss of high or low frequencies. Not only does the PRO-17 provide a balanced reproduction but, for vocal performers, its vented design reduces occlusion giving your voice a more natural sound making the hearing protector more transparent so you can concentrate on your performance.

pro 17


ER Series Ear Plugs

ER Series Moulds FiltersER musicians ear plugs have been uniquely developed for individuals who want to preserve the fidelity of music and their pitch-perfect hearing. The custom made mould sculpted to your unique ear canal ensures that disruptive occlusion – that isolating, deadening feeling – is eliminated. Filters are available to attenuate levels by 9, 15 and 25dB and are interchangeable facilitating ease of passage between different surroundings.  Across the music industry, ER plugs are favoured for their incomparable performance.


Protecting your hearing, as well as the need for communication, is essential in any loud environment. By incorporating a unique flat attenuating filter the ER-9 custom moulded plug is tuned to provide a predefined reduction in ambient noise by 9dB(A), whilst maintaining the clarity. Developed for musicians who need to protect their hearing, but not destroy the fidelity of their music, this product is being successfully used by many of the top bands.  The ER9, along with the ER-15, is the chosen hearing protector for many classical performers



ER 15

Whether you’re a performing musician, DJ, sound engineer or simply someone that loves listening to music in all its forms, you’ll appreciate just how important your hearing is to your quality of life. It’s well documented that continued exposure to high sound levels can irreparably harm your hearing, but by the time you’ve realised there’s a problem you won’t be able to fix it. In the worst scenario, it can take just a moments indulgence to take away a lifetime of pleasure from your music.


The ER Series Custom hearing protection is custom-made using soft medical-grade silicone so you get the very best in isolation and fit allowing you to wear them for hours at a time without fatigue or discomfort. Each earpiece is manufactured to the highest standards ensuring you get a comfortable, discreet and effective hearing protector that can be fitted quickly, easily and securely every time.

In the Ear Monitoring (IEM)

ACST1_IconAmongst our custom options, the flagship is ‘T1 Live’ or ‘T1′. At the heart of the T1 monitor is a driver configuration that delivers an incredible breadth of clarity and depth using a selected combination of drivers. At the top end is a combined unit providing specific drivers for the highs and mids engineered into a single unit with an ultra-compact crossover optimising the response for each, this is then combined with a clear and powerful bass driver to deliver rich and full-bodied bottom end.


The T2 Live or T2 is a workhorse for many performing musicians and audiophiles providing rich, full-bodied sound during live performances as well as for personal listening. T2 IEM’s provide unbeatable clarity, comfort and isolation for those that demand the best audio reproduction.

T2 IEM’s are individually crafted from soft silicone which makes wearing and removing them a snap and allows a greater degree of movement for the wearer. Because silicone flexes with the movement of the jaw it maintains more consistent noise isolation of around 26dB during vocal performances and, as it reaches body temperature quickly, you’ll soon forget that you’re wearing them at all which is why they’ve become the mainstay of a long line of successful performers.

T3-iconThe T3 is an IEM built with a single lightweight driver in a half mould shell delivering the full dynamic range of sound from a clean, simple and discreet package weighing in at only 13 grams. The T3 has been delighting audiophiles and performing musicians alike for more than a decade giving people the freedom to enjoy sound just as they want to hear it without interference from outside noise.


Tunz Custom Stage Monitors

We are also able to provide Tunz Custom Stage Monitors- You can choose from the Tunz Duo s, Tunz Trio, Tunz Trio B, Tunz Trio XB.

Pure Tone Micro Monitors

In addition, we can supply Puretone Micro Monitor Classic 1, Puretone Micro Monitor Classic 2 Puretone Micro Monitor Classic 3, Puretone Micro Monitor Flex 1, Puretone Micro Monitor Flex 2, Puretone Micro Monitor Flex 3

Custom in the Ear Headphone

Utilising the same technology as the T2 the T3 custom earpieces are designed for use as a basic IEM system or high quality headphones. Increased comfort, isolation, bass response and transducer durability all result from the production in soft silicone material. They incorporate a single high quality micro-transducer covering a wide frequency response to an excellent standard.

Modular in the Ear Monitoring

T15-iconA cost effective IEM system to be used in conjunction with our ER moulds. Simply remove the existing ER filters and fit directly into the moulds. T15 instantly enhances your listening experience – great for laptops, iPods or MP3 players of any make.


Personal Listening & Mobile Technology

Customisation of all IEM systems such as Sennheiser and Shure earphones, as well as MP3 player and Mini-disc earplugs, provides the comfort benefits of custom moulded monitors. Why not have your Bluetooth customised and jettison those uncomfortable hooks forever!

Puretone i-monitor

monitor_phone (1)

The i-Monitor is the ultimate accessory for your Smart Phone. Featuring custom-made earpieces for a perfect fit, amazing comfort and improved sound, the i-Monitor lets you take handsfree calls with perfect clarity. The i-Monitor also works with MP3 players.

Features single in-line button (function according to device attached) with microphone that allows for easy hands-free calls, as well as a user-changeable NoWax wax guard system.