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Welcome to James Hearing  If you need quality, affordable hearing aids or reliable, expert hearing tests you have come to the right place.

Our team of exceptionally trained and fully qualified audiologists offer the very best private diagnostic hearing tests, and we dispense quality, affordable hearing aids from just £495 and accessories to help you with your hearing loss. We offer a free 30 day trial on all hearing aids and offer up to 5 years free aftercare with every digital hearing aid.

Hearing loss need not be a worry. We are here to give you expert advice, guidance and support to overcome your potential hearing loss or difficulties.

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With Hearing Aid Centres Across Oxford, Birmingham & Worcester We are Always Close To You


Affordable hearing aids across the United Kingdom


Invisible Hearing Aids Across The United Kingdom

The expertise of our audiologists and our decades of experience has made James Hearing the preferred choice of customers for hearing tests and digital hearing aids. Browse through our comprehensive range of services below:-

Quality hearing tests at our centres across the UK

childrens hearing test at our centres across the Uk


tinnitus experts across the United Kingdom

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Safe, comfortable ear wax removal service across the United Kingdom


ear defenders and ear protection at our centres across the United Kingdom


Our private, family-owned Hearing Centres are located across – Oxford, Birmingham & Worcester. 

They offer full clinical hearing tests for adults and children, quality digital hearing aids and noise & ear protection.

Our team of expert audiologists will help to ensure your hearing loss is nothing more than a short-term concern. Their professionalism plus decades of experience has made James Hearing the preferred choice of customers for hearing tests and digital hearing aids.


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We understand the difficulties of living with hearing loss, in fact we are one of the UK’s leading hearing loss specialists, with hearing aid centres and hearing clinics.

From your initial hearing screening test to getting the hearing aid that is right for you, our goal at James Hearing is to solve your hearing problems with the minimum of fuss and least possible cost to you.

Let us guide you through this most important stage of understanding about your hearing loss by explaining your options and the solutions available.

Restore the equilibrium in your life. Contact us today.