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Expert Audiometry for Medico-legal & Solicitors

We are fully-qualified experts and have been delivering trusted audiograms & assessments for over 20 years

We have performed 1000s of hearing tests for solicitors and medico-legal companies, supplying trusted compliant audiograms for more than 20 years.

Our team of expert audiologists have years of NHS and medico-legal experience and specialist medico-legal audiogram training and are fully qualified to carry out hearing tests and hearing loss assessments to BSA guidelines.

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Medico-legal Hearing Test

Accurate & reliable Hearing Assessments

Our team of expert audiologists have years of NHS and medico-legal experience and are fully qualified to carry out audiograms and hearing loss assessments to the standards defined by the British Society of Audiology (BSA).

James Hearing is a renowned specialist NIHL and high value, trustworthy medical report provider for both Claimant and Defendant Solicitors and Medico-legal agencies. To help determine whether or not there is evidence of NIHL with your case, we are able to arrange audiograms with full air and bone conduction for Claimants. 

The Civil Justice Council provided a new beginning where the audiologist is now the expert in its report published July 2017. "The claimant group acknowledged that in a case where liability is not in dispute and where there are no other unusual factors, the evidence of a suitably qualified audiologist would be sufficient to validate the level of NIHL and evidence of tinnitus, as well as whether or not hearing aids would be necessary." and further to that, "The proposal of the working party is therefore that in a case where the defendant admits breach within the protocol procedures and does not then dispute causation or limitation, the claimant will produce the report of an audiologist as the basis for settlement negotiations rather than incurring the additional cost of an ENT surgeon's report."

Hearing Rehabilitation Reports for Costing

We can supply you with hearing care costing reports for claimants with Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Each report is based on the individual's hearing test results and covers:

  • Cost of hearing aid model(s) suitable for the claimant's hearing loss
  • Cost of patient care during hearing aid fitting
  • Cost of ongoing support, servicing and care for a fixed period after hearing aid supply

We can save you time and money when dealing with one-off or volume cases

James Hearing can handle one-off referrals and large volume clinics. These clinics can be set up as necessary to accommodate your caseload; we are used to working with a wide range of legal customers, from small solicitor firms to large-scale claims handlers dealing with hundreds of claims.

We can provide you with audiograms comprising air & bone conduction with full masking to establish clearly if your case is a positive or negative. In fact, an audiogram conducted properly at the outset will save your company a lot of time and money.

Cortical Evoked Response (CERA) Audiometry

A CERA or Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry is an objective hearing test, that records the signals from the auditory cortex (part of the brain that recognises sound) that have been generated in response to sounds introduced to the ears.

The test gives information about the level of sound needed to produce a signal and confirms the status of the auditory cortex. This is valuable information that we can not obtain from a normal hearing test.

A CERA test does not require input from the patient - they don't have to press a button when they hear a sound like they do with other tests - which makes it very useful in medico-legal cases where there is a possibility that the patient may try to exaggerate their hearing loss to affect their claim.

Cortical evoked response testing can take up to about 90 minutes per patient and requires that the patient remains alert during that time.

Sound-proofed Facilities

We are able to set up a professionally sound-proofed hearing test facility around the UK if none of our clinics are close enough.

Background noise can and will distract the person being tested during a hearing examination. The only background noise that should be heard are what you administer during the various stages of the hearing test. Any other sound and noise out of your control is disruptive and can affect test results. That’s why soundproofing is so important to ensuring accurate hearing test results. Our audiologists therefore meet and exceed the requirements of today’s audiology market when instructed in NIHL cases.

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