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We have had the pleasure of dealing with some fantastic customers over the years, here are some of their thoughts on working with us.



"Great service and thanks to Bernadette"

Sarah, Oxford NHS Services



"Darshini was wonderful and I am really pleased with the service received. Darshini was much more knowledgeable than the Audiologist I saw before at Boots!"

Dan Ward, Solihull



"Excellent care from Bernadette means I have 2 working ears again! Plus she passed on some advice on future care."

Brian Fiddman, Oxford



“The aids have improved my Mother's hearing enormously and she is both delighted and grateful! 

Jean Woods, Oxford



“Thank you for your expert paediatric hearing assessment of my young son and ENT opinion referral. 

Ken Stode, Oxford


“Congratulations to James Hearing…”

“Thank you so much for all of your help, Lee James provides the best hearing aids at very competitive prices, I am so glad I can hear again. 

Graham Bates, Oxford


 “Thank you James Hearing…”

“Thank you so much for all of your help, Darren James was wonderful, such a lovely man and really put our minds at ease. 

Georgina Jones, Worcester



Bernadette, thank you so much for the care taken over the microsuction of my ears in your wax removal clinic in Oxford.

Terence David, Banbury


“My Grateful Thanks”

Mr James, I attended your practice rooms at the recommendation of a trusted friend – and you have given me my life back. It feels extraordinary after years of wearisome frustration to rejoin the world with confidence. The exemplary kindness of your team is a rare quality indeed!

Iris Sweetman, Oxford


“Quality Service”

The quality of service at James Hearing Limited is of the highest professional order and I have recommended many friends and acquaintances to see Lee and his staff. This new hearing aid is remarkable! It has transformed my life! Thankyou so much for you EXPERT care and attention.

Margaret Clempson, Witney, Oxfordshire


“Great service!!”

Hearing loss is such a troubling thing, or i should say was a troubling thing. I am most grateful to the team at James Hearing, Oxford for their advice and in the great manner they dealt with my concerns. I had tried other companies but felt they were just after my money but it was different with Mr James. I would strongly recommend that anyone considering purchasing a hearing aid should consult Oxford Hearing Services – I am thrilled with mine! and my family have noticed the difference as well, I’m back to my old and vibrant self!

Ahmed Mohammed, Didcot


 “We are so happy..”

“As a parent of a child with a severe to moderate hearing loss you go through many changes.. First dealing with the initial diagnosis and then gradually moving into education and dealing with difficult emotions and feelings that arise as part of becoming a young adolescent with a hearing loss. For Ethan discovering that he could have excellent quality of sound with a more discreet looking aid has helped him in many ways. Of course every child is different but Ethan was not happy with how his old aids looked visually. He has now got short hair, which he has always wanted! He has grown in confidence and we are so happy that Ethan feels more confident about his hearing loss and about being a hearing aid wearer”.

Sarah Earle, Worcester


 “Thank you so much…”

“Thank you so much for all of your help, Mr Mahmood was wonderful, such a lovely man and really put our minds at rest. 

Emma Yankey, Oxford


 “We gained great peace of mind…”

“Thank you so much for your help with my son’s hearing issues. Our audiologist was friendly and professional, had a wonderful manner with  and put us at ease during the tests. He explained everything to us extremely clearly, and we gained great peace of mind – priceless with a baby. As a result we can now go to Asees’ NHS appointment next week, with a good understanding of what to expect and a knowledge of the procedures that will be carried out. A very positive experience indeed. So, thank you very much!”

Dal Nandra, London


 “Your audiologist is brilliant”

“Your audiologist is brilliant, out of the 4 audiologists my son has seen, he was able to engage and make the hearing test fun for him! I am more confident in the results achieved!”

Tess Brewster, London



I’m now getting used to altering the volume and although there are one or two minor things you may be able to tweak, overall I am delighted.​

Keith G, Witney


 “You seem to have endless patience…”

“We have been very impressed with your customer service ever since our first contact with you. You seem to have endless patience when dealing with us. This coupled with the obvious knowledge and expertise you have makes every visit to your clinic a pleasure”.

Jeff Orange, Warrington


“Excellent service…”

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the care and attention your team has given and the excellent service you have provided”.

Bob Cranham, Surrey


“Immensely impressed…”

I was immensely impressed with the service you provided via Jessica at your Newport office and especially via your audiologist Mike Lynch who was unfailingly courteous and helpful.

Graham Jones, Cardiff


“Simply Fantastic…”

Brillant service, Mr James is a true genius and expert audiologist.

Jill Barker, Oxford



Mr James expertly looks after my Bi-CROS hearing system. Nothing is too much trouble.

Michelle Beard, Oxfordshire


“Big Thankyou…”

The James team have been very patient with exceptional attention to detail in the programming of my hearing aids.

Oliver Hardy, Banbury



My sleep plugs are simply amazing. Thankyou so much.

Catherine Baskerville, Wheatley


“Sincere Thanks…”

Darren James has literally changed my life! So kind, patient and through. Thankyou so much.

Ronald Hawkin, Worcester