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Hearing Aid Styles

lyric hearing aid

Lyric – The world’s first invisible hearing aid that really is totally invisible. Sleep wearing Lyric, shower wearing Lyric, no need for any changing of batteries as this extended wear product is worn for months at a time – Lyric the 100% hassle free solution to amazing natural hearing.

Invisible In Canal hearing aids

IIC – Many manufacturers offer this style of Invisible In-the-Canal daily wear hearing instrument, they come in a range of technologies and price points, some have small remote device that can open up more features. We can discuss your lifestyle and hearing with you to advise which style would be most suitable for you.

Completely In Canal hearing aids

CIC – We have a full range of Completely-in-the-canal hearing instruments. Hidden down in the ear canal these products offer a very discreet solution. you can also make some adjustments to these hearing instruments whilst out and about (this can be done using a remote control or program button)

In The Canal hearing aids

ITC – Our customers sometimes ask for more options in their hearing instruments. Controls can be added to their product or very specific programs can be added for certain situations (place of worship for example), this can be done in an In-the-Canal hearing instrument.

Full Shell hearing aids

Full Shell – For customers who require a custom hearing instrument but require additional volume, the Full Shell product may be the style of choice. Our range of Full Shell products can help if dexterity is a concern.

Receiver In Canal hearing aids

RIC and Open Products – We have a wide selection of Receiver-in-the-Canal products. Our RIC and open products hearing instruments have a small wire or tube that sits very discreetly on the ear.

Behind The Ear hearing aids

BTE – Our ranges of Behind-the-Ear hearing instruments offer differing technologies and features to best suit the way you live your life. Our BTE hearing instruments sit behind the ear and the sound is delivered into the ear using a clear tube and custom earmould.

Remote Microphone hearing aids

This design is unique to GN Resound. These hearing aids have a small CIC shell sat in the ear canal and a looping wire leading to a microphone component that sits in the helix of the ear. Remote microphone hearing aids offer excellent wind noise protection as the microphone is shielded, and also assist in improving localisation of sounds.

Solutions for single-sided deafness

CROS biCROS hearing aids

Single sided deafness can be very frustrating as we cannot overcome the problems items 1 or 2 above. We can only assist with overcoming the head-shadow-affect by sending the speech signal from the deaf side to a hearing aid in the better ear (which may have no hearing loss at all). This at least allows a person to pick up speech better from the deaf side.

CROS hearing aids & BiCROS hearing aids

CROS stands for Contra-lateral Routing of Signal. CROS hearing aid systems are used for those who have a dead ear and a very good ear.

BiCROS hearing aid systems are used for those who have a dead ear and an aidable hearing loss in the better ear. The system is actually the same as a CROS but is programmed slightly differently to aid the better side.

Both CROS and BiCROS basically comprise of a sound transmitter hearing aid on the dead side which picks up high frequency sounds which are normally shielded by the size of the average human head, and these sounds are sent (via short range radio wave) to a digital hearing aid worn on the better ear. The wearer thus picks up those parts of speech from the dead side that they would normally miss but without the need to constantly keep turning their head. Clients who use CROS or BiCROS still only hear in the one ear though, and this can often lead to an unrealistic expectation as they really want the effect of hearing with two ears again.

In selecting what is required for your needs, the transmitter aid on the dead side is the same for all set ups but can be supplied as an ITE or a RIC. The hearing aid required on the better side depends on the level of hearing loss in the better ear. If you have a no hearing loss in the better ear, then you only need to opt for the lowest technical level hearing aid available which can be used as a CROS. If you have a hearing loss in the better ear, then you should select the best available hearing aid to suit your hearing loss and budget and this will be set up as a BiCROS.

CROS biCROS hearing aids