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baby hearing test


A specialised hearing device for a baby can greatly improve their hearing experience.

They can hear your voice.

Babies who are hearing impaired often have difficulty hearing high frequency sounds in their mum’s voice or those of other children and siblings. With the advanced technology used in our devices, babies can hear important sounds like these all the time.

No device noise and whistling

Our hearing devices for babies are designed to detect whistling and stop it before it becomes audible. This provides ultimate comfort for baby and mum.

Speech, not noise

Babies are exposed to a world full of diverse sounds. But it is also a world full of noise. Our devices detect and reduces unwanted noise in your baby’s listening environment, letting them better understand you when you speak.

Play as they listen

The world for babies is about exploring, learning and listening. Specialist devices lets babies hear sounds from all directions no matter whether in quiet or noisy environments. This means that they can play or interact no matter what the situation.