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Motorcycling & Motor Sport Ear Protection

motor sport ear protection across the United Kingdom

Motor Sport Hearing Protection at Our Centres Across The UK

Sports person, team member or part of the crowd; noise exposure levels of 110 dB are a real hazard. Enthusiasts are fully aware that noise protection is a serious part of their attire.

Riders and Drivers Ear Plugs

Custom-moulded hearing protectors (without communication) are manufactured from soft medical grade silicone, and fitted with filters to reduce the effects of harmful wind noise associated with riding at high speed. The filters allow the wearer to hear the engine note and warning signals but at a reduced level. Riders and Drivers Ear Plugs are sculpted to sit comfortably underneath the crash helmet and provide the ultimate in hearing protection.


PROTECThear noise plugs are custom-molded soft silicone earpieces, manufactured using specially formulated medical-grade silicone, to offer the highest degree of comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier.

PROTECThear noise plugs incorporate a passive acoustic filter, which attenuates loud noises whilst maintaining the ability of the individual to hear speech, ambient noise and to use telephones and radios. Excessive background noise is reduced, resulting in increased safety and working comfort.

PROTECThear are suitable for motorcyclists and the motorsport industry, as they can be comfortably worn under a helmet for continuous use on the road without irritation. They are also suitable for industry and factory use, shooting sports, musicians and music listeners.

Protection and Communication Ear Plugs


ACS DriverCommDrivercom is designed from the ground up with the performance racing environment in mind. Improved and refined over several years, our Drivercom earpieces offer a superbly clear and comfortable communication experience that’s second to none.

Using the softest silicone the Drivercom is crafted to sit as flush in the ear as possible, this reduces the possibility of pressure being applied when wearing a crash helmet and ensures the earpiece is able to flex to accommodate changes in the ear shape that occur when a helmet is worn. In addition, using a softer silicone ensures that isolation is maintained at all times when in use so you always get clear communication that’s not clouded with outside noise.



Custom-made MotoSOUND earpieces are made from soft flexible silicone material to give excellent comfort over long wearing durations.

Fitting deep into the ear canal, they create an acoustic seal which lowers outside noise considerably, while allowing audio to be heard clearly.

Being small and discreet, they fit under crash helmets, and are ideal for motorcyclists or racing drivers who need to have clear incoming communication and noise protection while driving.

Each pair features a fixed cable with molded 3.5mm jack plug.



Pit Crew and Spectator Ear Plugs

Communication is essential but almost impossible with the high level of noise in the racing environment. The flat attenuating filter of our custom plugs is attuned to reduce ambient noise yet retain remarkable speech clarity.

PRO Plugs

The PRO 20 provides attenuation specifically designed for high noise situations where there’s an emphasis on higher pitch frequencies such as motor sport and industry. Protection is offered against wind, road and engine noise whilst allowing the wearer to maintain situation awareness, hear the note of the engine and communicate clearly when stationary. Safe exposure times are increased by up to 6.5 times, so you can enjoy your hobby or occupation with confidence – plus with its slimmer and more discreet profile, in complete comfort. For more features of this range see the PRO plugs section on our Musicians & Mobile Technology page.

The PRO 26 is one of the strongest level-attenuating earplugs available, offering protection from the most challenging sound environments whilst ensuring that you can hear clearly and perform at your best at all times. The PRO 26 offers the same incredibly natural sound as the rest of the PRO range and offers a high-frequency peak that ensures that your hearing is protected from the most dangerous and intense sounds. Ideal for those working in the loudest of environments, the PRO 26 offers clear communication, unparalleled comfort and tailor-made attenuation to ensure that you can stay in touch and in tune with your environment.

The PRO 26 Communicator offers the best of both worlds combining our flat response high-noise hearing protection with the same high-fidelity speakers as used in our T3 in-ear monitors. The PRO 26 Communicator allows those working in high noise environments to stay in touch and in tune with their surroundings and also connect to monitoring and communications systems with confidence for crystal clear communications and highly accurate monitoring. The PRO 26 Communicator gives you control of your sound environment and allows you to perform in complete comfort and safety using the most natural filters and speakers available.

The PRO 27 is a breakthrough in high-noise filtering. It provides an almost flat reduction of around 23dB through the low and mid range frequencies so that you maintain situation awareness and your ability to communicate, yet can still be comfortable in very loud environments. In the higher frequencies the PRO 27 gives you a significant leap in protection offering up to 35dB where you need it most, so you can carry on working or enjoying your passion in safety. With an average attenuation of 27dB the PRO 27 can increase your safe exposure time by up to 9 times.

The PRO 27 Communicator gives you the best of both worlds with the strongest filter in the PRO series range giving you complete protection even in the most severe of environments and the same technology that we use in our T3 in- ear monitor allowing you to enjoy high fidelity audio for crisp communications and full-bodied music. The PRO 27 Communicator comes fitted as standard with our own Kevlar reinforced cable for durability and, because it’s molded from soft silicone, it can be worn comfortably underneath a helmet for extended periods. The PRO 27 Communicator has been independently tested to conform to the EN352-2 standard for hearing protection so you can be sure that it’s giving you what you need to enjoy your passion or occupation safely.