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Pilots & Airline Personnel Ear Protection

Ear Protection for Airline and Ground Crew

Ear Protection for Airline and Ground Crew in The UK

Occupational noise can reach dangerous levels for pilots, airline personnel or the ground crew. Airlines usually provide headsets to completely block out all noise, however this can leave you feeling isolated from your surroundings.

For the most comfortable of fits, unlike headsets, our ear plugs are individually made from an impression of your unique ear canal and can be worn for extended periods of time without causing irritation. As our numerous aviation clients will testify, wearers can get on with being a part of the team.

The Nanno Comm 2GA is a Custom Made Aviation Headset

Custom-made earpieces ensure an exact fit for the user’s ears, making the NanoComm 2 GA extremely comfortable to use for extended periods, more so than traditional headsets.

As the Nanno Comm 2GA is a custom made ear peice, ear impression are required. James Hearing offer an ear impression service in a number of our nationwide clinics and hearing centres.




The taking of impressions is a simple process.  A two-part silicone impression material is injected in the ear, and this remains in the ear for about 5-10 minutes while it sets.  Once it has set, the now solid impression is removed, thus capturing the internal shape of the user’s ear.