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Hearing Protection For Sports Shooters

We supply the best hearing protection from the leading brands, which means you can enjoy a day's shooting without ruining your hearing. Once you hearing is damaged, it is damaged forever, don't risk it.

Our custom-fit hearing protection offers you total comfort and safety. We can fit you with a custom device in as little as 20 minutes and also offer an optional hearing test if you are concerned your hearing may have already been damaged. Feel free to contact us for advice on the best hearing protection for you.

Custom Sonic Valves

Custom Sonic Valves provide a uniquely intelligent solution to protecting you hearing whilst shooting. Because of the sporadic nature of dangerous noise encountered when shooting Sonic Valves protect you only when you need it most, allowing you to hear normally when there is no gun being fired.


Emtec Noisebreaker

The Emtec Noisebreaker is a personally moulded and vented earplug. It is a silicone rubber moulding which is moulded to each individual concha bowl and ear canal. The plug incorporates a central drilled channel in which a filter is placed which allows pressure equalisation but prevents a finite impedance to the passage of audio frequency soun


Passive Filtered Protection

For shooting enthusiasts it is of high importance to be completely aware of all people around you, especially those sharing your game! The moulds will still enable you to hear safe natural sounds.You will also be able communicate easily without your voice sounding hollow and feeling isolated from your surroundings, but the noise from the gun is reduced to a dull thud. The compact design eradicates the need for bulky earmuffs during shooting increasing comfort and movement, but you can still hear the rustling of the trees

Custom-Made ProFlex Filtered Passive Earplugs

ProFlex Passive Earplugs combine the ProFlex multi-softness earpiece with a filtered passive module to provide cost‐effective hearing protection with ambient awareness.

These earplugs can be upgraded to full CENS ProFlex digital by purchasing the electronic module at a later date, allowing you to spread the cost of the earplugs and modules over time.


ProFlex Passive Earplugs Features:

  • Made to fit your ears perfectly, this provides unbeatable comfort
  • Laser marked customisation (earpiece standard, passive module is an optional extra)
  • Upgradable to CENS ProFlex digital by purchasing an electronic module
  • Available in hundreds of colour combinations


CENS Digital Ear Protection

CENS digital are custom-made electronic noise suppressors for shooters. Being custom-made they fit exactly into the user’s ear, ensuring an extremely comfortable fit over long durations.

Every model in the CENS range includes these features:

  • Effectively suppresses gunshot noise.
  • Allows for normal conversation and the use of mobile phones without the removal of your noise suppression.
  • Hear releasing traps and approaching game before anyone else.
  • All models in the CENS range utilise the latest digital technologies and algorithms to control the level of sound within the ear. In addition, a push-button switch (CENS ProFlex 2, digital 2 and Hunter only) is used to select one of two programs.

CENS digital 1: Featuring a fine tuned general shooting program, which boosts quieter sounds such as approaching birds and quarry to clear audible levels, giving you the edge on the competition


CENS digital 2: – Program 1: Optimised for game shoot where there are intermittent shots. This configuration also helps by amplifying sounds such as wings flapping, thus providing the shooter with advanced warning of approaching quarry.

CENS digital 2: – Program 2: Optimised for clay shoots where there are continued shots. This system has been designed to allow more flexible noise suppression while still amplifying ambient sounds.


CENS ProFlex 2 digital 2: Evolution in gunshot hearing protection continues with the CENS® ProFlex electronic module combined with unique multi-softness custom fit earpieces. This new unique design combines superb functionality with an eye catching appearance, and this latest development leads the trend towards obstruction free, comfortable custom hearing protection for today’s shooter.


CENS ProFlex 2 digital 2 – Program 1: Optimised for game shoot where there are intermittent shots. This configuration also helps by amplifying sounds such as wings flapping, thus providing the shooter with advanced warning of approaching quarry.

CENS ProFlex 2 digital 2 – Program 2: Optimised for clay shoots where there are continued shots.  This system has been designed to allow more flexible noise suppression while still amplifying ambient sounds.


CENS Proflex Competition – Program 1: A fine tuned general shooting program, providing ambient awareness for a natural listening experience.

CENS Proflex Competition – Program 2: Solid plug simulation, muting ambient sounds preventing distractions around the shooter.


CENS Proflex Hunter – Program 1: Designed for rifleman primarily this program provides good all round ambient awareness.

CENS Proflex Hunter – Program 2Similar characteristics as program 1 but with programming modifications to reduce noise interference.


SRC Wireless Communications Harness

The SRC harness is designed to interface the CENS hearing protection fitted with the wireless comms link program to a user’s proprietary two way radio or walkie talkie, providing full two way communication.

Typical applications include Hunters, game keepers and game shoot organisers to name a few.

The SRC harness plugs into the radio which can then be placed on the belt or in a pocket out of the way as this will not need to be touched again once it is switched on and the channel selected. The harness is placed over the head under the outer garments.

The loop around the neck transmits the audio wirelessly into the CENS device whilst internal CENS microphone provides ambient awareness. The loop is fitted with an anti-choke quick release connector to prevent injury if the loop is pulled accidentally.
A lapel microphone picks up the users speech when the PTT button is pressed. This automatically switches the radio to transmit mode.

The whole system allows for two way communications without the need to remove the hearing protection whilst providing ambient awareness.



Usable straight out of the box, and featuring state-of-the-art CENS digital technology, the Mino CENS offers shooters an affordable way to experience comprehensive CENS digital electronic hearing protection.

  •  Effectively Suppresses Gunshot Noisenews_mino
  • Boosts Ambient Sounds
  • Hear Conversation As Normal
  • No Gun Mount Interference
  • Universal Fitting

Mino CENS universal electronic ear plugs are specifically designed to fit into any ear without the need for ear impressions or a custom-made earmould, and like full CENS Proflex, also still allows for clear communication as well as enhanced ambient awareness. When a gunshot is fired, the electronic circuit instantly suppresses the loud noise, protecting your hearing!

Mino CENS are supplied with 5 different sized high quality foam ear tips, providing an effective and comfortable universal fit wearing experience. This can then be enhanced even further by purchasing custom-made eartips at a later date.



Siemens SecureEar supports you in two ways.It protects your hearing by dampening loud noises. At the same time, it


enhances soft sounds in your surroundings, so you don’t miss the snap of a twig in the woods or your companions’ voices.

Siemens SecureEar protection is tailored exactly to your individual ear shape ensuring a snug fit, they do not get in the way when shooting (unlike ear-muffs) and are made from a robust elastic UV material.