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Value Ear Protection in The United Kingdom


Great Value Hearing Protection at our centres across the United Kingdom


The ER20 is a generic one size fits all product and can be a prudent short-term option or handy back-up to your custom made pair. By reducing the sound level almost evenly across the frequency range the wearer protects their hearing without compromising sound quality whilst listening to loud music. For more regular use, custom made ear plugs are recommended.

SlicSound Technology

SlicSound is a unique add-on device that dramatically improves the sound quality of in-ear headphones and ear pieces for personal audio products including music players, hands-free mobile phones or handheld computer games. SlicSound is ergonomically shaped to fit the ear, making it far more comfortable to use than standard in-ear headphones and ear-pieces, especially over long periods.

Slicsound comes with six buds; 3 pairs for left and right, in different sizes and shapes. It is made from US FDA approved food grade silicone, which is non-toxic, non-allergenic, safe and comfortable to wear. SlicSound transforms the performance of your in-ear headphones or headset, allowing for prolonged use with increased comfort and sound quality, especially in noisy environments.

This universal add-on for standard ear phones is acoustically engineered to work like an ‘equaliser’, making your listening source clearer & fuller, with retained dynamic range, reducing background noise, and hence allowing the user to turn down their normal listening volume. The same sound, but at safer, lower volumes.

Lower volume helps prevent hearing loss. Something musicians often learn too late.