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Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology mostly comes in four different levels, what we can call , basic, standard, advanced and premium. Each level of hearing device technology will deliver different and varying benefits in different sound situations. 

Basic technology hearing aids

Each manufacturer has a basic level of technology, they may not call it exactly that though. This level of technology is for people who are relatively sedentary. This may be the basic level from that manufacturer but it will still be on the latest chipset available. Basic level hearing aids are usually quite basic, they will have some features designed to help you hear in noise, but they will be both basic and manually controlled.

Lifestyle help from basic hearing aid technology

You can expect basic technology to help you in quieter sound situations. One to one conversations, even if the person is talking to you from another room is a given. You can also expect them to help you with small groups in quieter situations. They should also help you with TV and Radio. Well programmed basic hearing aids will help you some in limited noise.

Standard technology hearing aids

Each manufacturer has a standard level of technology which is second from the bottom. These devices are for people who are a little more active. The features in these hearing aids will be slightly better than the basic features. They should help you hear in slightly more challenging sound situations. This level of technology is designed for someone who is more active in their life.

Lifestyle help from standard hearing aid technology

You can expect all of the help that a basic hearing aid would deliver but better, on top of that you can expect help a little more challenging sound environments. Such as in group situations, small meetings, out and about at the shops and in restaurants. This help is based on the noise levels present, this level isn't going to help you to hear well in a lot of noise, think moderate levels of background noise in most situations.

Advanced technology hearing aids

This level of technology is really good for more active people, it will have good sound quality and speech clarity in most situations. It seems that most of the manufacturers are keeping a lot of their top end technology features in the advanced ranges. They are dumbing them down slightly, but not a great deal. There are clear differences between these devices and premium devices and there are good reasons why you might choose the higher end technology but these devices are fantastic.

Lifestyle help from advanced hearing aid technology

You can expect all of the help you get from the two previous levels of hearing technology. Advanced hearing aid technology can be expected to assist you in more complex sound situations. Usually at this level you can expect help in situations like large auditoriums or churches. You should be able to hear quite well at the theatre and music should sound pretty good. In general, understanding of speech in noisier situations should be pretty good. 

Premium level hearing aids

This technology level is where the hearing aid manufacturers deliver all of their very latest features. If you simply have to hear well in almost every situation, these devices are probably the right ones for you. They are designed to deliver the best speech clarity and most natural sound in nearly every sound situation. This level of hearing aids will truly work as a pair, deciding on how they will work to give you very best hearing. 

Lifestyle help from premium hearing aids

Everything that the rest can do but exceptionally better. Premium hearing aid technology is designed to deliver the very best possible hearing and speech clarity available. These level of technology is for active people who need to hear well everywhere.