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Hearing Test Home Visit

Home Visit Hearing Tests 

Can’t find a Hearing Centre near you, or unable to travel? James Hearing provide a convenient Home Visit Hearing Test Service

Our Home Visit Hearing Test is exactly the same as having a hearing test at a Hearing Centre. You can even have a new hearing aid fitted at home too. To arrange a home visit, complete the form or telephone 0845 680 1227


Assured Quality of Service

Home Visit patients receive the same quality of service we provide at our Hearing Clinics because we have invested in state of the art  portable audiological testing equipment. Our audiologists can visit  patients in their home, carry out comprehensive audiological assessments and provide expert advice about what hearing aid or other amplification device would best suit your needs.

To take best advantage of our Home Visit service, patients will require a number of visits to their home. Usually this entails an initial appointment to assess  hearing and discuss amplification options. This is followed up in a couple of weeks by a hearing aid fitting appointment. Patients will be seen once more to ensure they are using their hearing aid effectively and be satisfied with their improved ability to communicate.

Our hearing home visit service offers:

  • Comprehensive hearing tests
  • Hearing aids, parts and accessories
  • Hearing aid maintenance and servicing
  • Ear moulds
  • Assistive listening devices (e.g. for your TV or phone).

For more advice on our Home Visit Hearing Service, telephone James Hearing on 0845 680 1227