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Industrial hearing screening

Industrial Hearing Screening Services Across The United Kingdom

James Hearing are NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) specialists and can help you create a safe working environment for your staff.

If you employ staff within a noisy environment, you will understand the importance of hearing checks and noise protection. James Hearing provides a range of services to help you achieve a safer noise environment within your workplace – and you’ll be pleased by how competitive our prices are. All our Audiologists are Senior Grade with NHS and commercial experience. Our services include:

On-site hearing screening for 10+ Employees.

As new staff arrive, it’s crucial to have their hearing checked to establish their hearing levels at the start of their contract with you. We recommend hearing checks every 3 years thereafter.

Noise Assessment and Noise Awareness Training.

It’s important to understand responsibilities as an employer and we can help by assessing your noise levels in the work environment and advise accordingly.

Noise Surveys.

Our noise survey reports include a detail of our findings, readings, and a report on what actions need to be taken. It will contain recommendations on the appropriate protection needed and/or affirmation that you’re already doing everything right, adherent to the Noise at Work Regulations.

Noise Protection in the Workplace.

Custom made noise protection can offer the ultimate protection for your most valuable assets – your staff. You’ll be amazed how competitively priced this protection can be.

Custom Hearing Protection across the UK

Our service will include visiting your site, taking impressions, and the provision of two pairs of custom made ear plugs for each employee.

To explain in detail what you need and how we can help, call please email