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Medico-Legal Audiology Services

Single case or multiple cases, James Hearing have ENT Consultants and Audiologists to help you

Located at hospitals and clinics, James Hearing can handle one-off referrals and large volume clinics.  These clinics can be set up at any location across the United Kingdom to accommodate your caseload.

Full Audiograms

As a starting point, we can provide you with audiograms comprising bone-masked conduction to establish clearly if your case is a positive or negative. An audiogram conducted properly at the outset will save your company a lot of time.

 Experienced ENT Consultants

On the next stage, we can instruct an ENT Consultant with Medico-Legal experience to see your case in detail reviewing all the medical records and employment history.

Following a clinical interview, examination and pure tone audiogram, a full report will be produced and sent to you within 14 days.

All reports adhere to Coles, Lutman & Buffin Guidelines.

To have a package tailored to your needs, please  email