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Listening-in-Noise Testing

Obscure Auditory Dysfunction Test

Lee James is the sole provider of ‘obscure auditory dysfunction’ (OAD) testing in the region (and one of very few private practitioners nationwide).
The OAD package is devised to determine whether you have a measurable disability when listening in background noise, compared to the average listener with normal hearing. Our trusted Hearing Therapist is on hand to counsel about coping and management tactics.

Threshold Equalizing Noise Test

Within the cochlea (organ of hearing) of a hearing-impaired individual, there can exist an area of total non-functionality. This is known as a ‘dead region’. Since amplification of sound falling within the boundaries of a dead region has frequently proven of minimum or even negative benefit, the implications for hearing aid fitting are great.
Diagnosis of dead regions is not easily done from the hearing test. Instead, James Hearing specialists can utilise the ‘threshold equalizing noise’ (TEN) test to identify dead regions, thus amending amplification strategy to avoid a deleterious effect on performance.

Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE)

Many people will deny they have a hearing problem for years before being persuaded to act. During this period, the individual deliberately socializes less and so like an unexercised muscle their listening skills diminish. Hearing aids make the most of your capabilities at ear level, however this is wasted unless at brain level you are able to tolerate and process the stimulus. Even the very best technology can be thwarted in challenging scenarios if the wearer is a poor listener. Equally, a normally hearing individual can underperform due to their lack of communication strategies. The Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE) program is an interactive computer-friendly aural training scheme offered by James Hearing specialists, proven to enhance performance by up to 40%. Those who have undergone LACE acclimatised to their hearing aids quicker and were more satisfied long-term. Quite simply, LACE can give you back what you thought was lost forever.