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Medico-Legal Hearing Aid Reports For Solicitors

If you are a Solicitor practice with a positive ENT report that has identified your Claimants need for hearing aids, James Hearing can support your claim for special damages with the provision of hearing aid reports and hearing aid solutions.

ENT Consultants are not Hearing Aid Dispensers and therefore can only make standard statements regarding up to date hearing aid provision, rather than addressing the unique needs of the Claimants hearing loss.  Free hearing aids have been available from the NHS since 1947, but ongoing changes to NHS audiology provision across the UK means eligibility criteria varies and can deny your Claimants the hearing aids they need due to their noise induced hearing loss.

There are also many technological considerations that can support private hearing aids rather than NHS aids.  These considerations apply to the prescription formulae, compression, channels and algorithms.

James Hearing has 24 years experience in NIHL audiology and 13 years experience in quality private aid dispensing.  We can clinically assist your Claimants with the best hearing aid solutions.  Claimants are given a full 30 days no obligation trial period to ensure they’re happy with the aids and a cooling off period with the finance provision.

We can also deliver CPR35 compliant Hearing Aid Reports that identify your Claimants needs for the right hearing aids, recognising if these hearing aids can be provided by NHS Hospitals or only privately. 


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