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Tinnitus Reports For Solicitors

The intrusiveness of tinnitus and its severity can have a significant and emotional impact on a Claimants quality of life.   
Studies have shown robust evidence promoting hearing aid fitting as an effective treatment option of tinnitus control, however whilst hearing aids can mask tinnitus sounds to help improve communication and reduce stress and anxiety levels, there are other options available to your claimants. James Hearing can provide you with a comprehensive report on tinnitus treatment options for your Claimant. 
These services include the following: 

  • Tinnitus Counselling 
  • Tinnitus re-training therapy 
  • Tinnitus Maskers 

James Hearing and our tinnitus specialists can assess your claimants and provide you with a comprehensive report on the tinnitus treatment options available. Following an initial assessment during which a hearing test will be conducted in addition to the tinnitus functional index, considerations for tinnitus counselling and rehabilitation will be given. We will also make further recommendations for tinnitus assistive devices and or hearing aids. 
If you would like a quotation for a tinnitus assessment for your medico legal claimant, please email 

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