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Providing the best digital hearing aids, hearing care, tinnitus services and earwax removal in Worcester & Bromsgrove

James Hearing are an independent hearing healthcare provider, we offer the very best care and support combined with hearing aids from the world's leading hearing device manufacturers.

Are you tired of struggling to hear?

Listening is hard work when you have a hearing loss but you don't need to feel stressed and worn out from trying to hear what people are saying. We understand that your hearing loss is tiring and difficult to live with, we have the expertise and technology that can make your life easier.

James Hearing has branches across the UK and we have already helped 1000s of people just like you improve their lives with hearing aids. A hearing aid will mean you do not have to have the TV up at full volume again, you can join in group conversations at restaraunts and you can go places without worrying whether you will be able to hear.

We are an independent hearing practice, which means we are able to offer the very latest hearing aid technology from all of the world-leading hearing device manufacturers - this gives you a wide choice and means you can get the look and sound that you are comfortable with.

It is important for you to not only get the right hearing aid but also to have it fitted perfectly, we use modern diagnostic equipment and thorough hearing testing to ensure your hearing aid is working perfectly for your individual hearing loss, giving you the best hearing in all situations.

Our Services

hearing aids Worcester

We offer the very latest in digital hearing aid technology, we have hearing aids to compliment all types of hearing loss. Our range includes invisible in-the-ear aids, behind-the-ear with amazing-quality sound and smartphone-enabled aids.

microsuction earwax removal in Worcester

Our ENT aural care specialist provides expert ear wax removal. We use a process called Microsuction which is a quick, safe and painless method of wax removal - this is very different to syringing, an outdated method than can be painful.

tinnitus treatment in Worcester

Annoying ringing in your ears? We have a range of treatments that can reduce and even eliminate those unwelcome noises. Tinnitus can't be cured but it can be treated effectively. We have years of experience delivering tinnitus therapy that works.

hearing aids Worcester

If you employ staff within a noisy environment, you will understand the importance of hearing checks and noise protection. We offer on-site hearing tests for 10+ employees, noise assessments of your workplace, awareness training for staff and noise surveys. Click here for more info.

microsuction earwax removal in Worcester

We offer hearing and ear protection for musicians, motorsport workers, shooting, swimmers, children, airline personnel and anyone else who is exposed to loud noise. Our ranges include ER, Pro and CENS. Protect your hearing while you still have it! Click here for more info.

tinnitus treatment in Worcester

Hearing aids are designed to work for many years but they need regular services to work for you as best they can, an aid can get blocked with earwax or dust and moisture can sometimes get inside - a simple a quick service will get it working perfectly again. Click here for more info.


Hearing Aids In Stock

The latest digital hearing aids from the leading brands

Widex hearing aids

The latest Widex Hearing Aids including the Unique Range

Widex Hearing Aids
Unitron Hearing Aids

The latest Unitron Hearing Aids including the North Range

Unitron Hearing Aids
Starkey hearing aids

The latest Starkey Hearing Aids including the Made For iPhone Range

Starkey Hearing Aids
ReSound Hearing Aids

The latest Resound Hearing Aids including the Linx2 Range

Resound Hearing Aids
Oticon Hearing Aids

The latest Oticon Hearing Aids including the Brain Hearing Technology

Oticon Hearing Aids
Siemens Hearing Aids

The latest Siemens Hearing Aids including the Binax Technology Range

Siemens Hearing Aids
Bernafon Hearing Aids

The latest Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon Hearing Aids
Phonak Hearing Aids

The latest Phonak Hearing Aids including the Venture Range

Phonak Hearing Aids
30 day free trial on all hearing aids

Home Visits

Can't get in to see us? No problem!

We can arrange to come and see you at home at a time that is convenient for you. We can perform an accurate hearing test in the comfort of your own home, let you try out a hearing aid and help you choose the right one for your specific hearing loss.

A hearing test at home is quick and easy, it normally takes around ten minutes to do the actual test, once we've done that we can assess your hearing loss and determine what type of hearing aid would work best for you. All hearing aids that we fit come with a no-obligation one month trial. We will bring your new hearing aid to you at home, fit it for you, show you how to operate it and make any adjustments you need to get the perfect sound.

Darren makes home visits all over Worcestershire, including Bromsgrove, Redditch, Kidderminster, Tewkesbury, Evesham and surrounding areas.

Our Local Worcester & Bromsgrove Staff

Darren James

Darren James - hearing aid audiologist in Worcester and Bromsgrove

Darren James has 29 years experience in the field of Audiology, both in the public and private sectors. He is currently a Chief Audiologist working in the West Midlands area. He looks after our patients at the Spire South Bank Hospital, Worcester. Qualifications: BTEC Medical Physics Physiological Measurement, BAAT Parts I & II. Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser.

"Thank you James Hearing…"

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Thank you so much for all of your help, Darren James was wonderful, such a lovely man and really put our minds at ease.

five star testimnial for James Hearing
Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss

Get In Touch

If you are looking for a new hearing aid, have a problem with your existing aid, need some earwax removed or would like help with your tinnitus - please get in touch and find out how we can help you.

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